In 2004, a group of publishers and saleshouses in the Netherlands undertook to commission a new study for the measurement of Internet Audience. For this STIR was founded, an association for the promotion of internet advertising with the objective to achieve an equal status within the range of media for media planning. The combination of Nedstat and Intomart GfK designed the new survey, the Webmeter™.

In 2009, STIR has been transformed into JIC STIR, a joint industry body with the sole objective to carry out the survey in a valid and reliable way. Partners in JIC STIR are the advertisers’ Association (BVA), the media agencies (PMA) and the internet publishers (VINEX, previously STIR).

Per June 2013 JIC STIR stopped its activities and VINEX continued as a publisher's network, providing the market with a brand new survey called DDMM as from November the 12th 2013.

In 2016 VINEX has become an organization of 20 leading Dutch online publishers. In partnership with SKO a common panel is managed that is the basis for the new research NOBO (Dutch Online Audience Measurement) that will be lauched in November 2016. The research design is unique and NOBO is able to report both PC/laptop, tablets and mobile. The new online planning currency wil report the total brand audience of both web and app.